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Auto Parts


Aluminum alloy die casting is a good choice for producing high-quality auto parts due to its excellent strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, and thermal conductivity. We customize all kinds of Aluminum alloy die casting auto parts including Engine blocks and cylinder heads, Transmission and differential cases, Suspension components, Brake components, Cooling system components, Valve body, wheel cover, engine support, safety monitor, etc.


Which Auto Parts?

1. Engine blocks and cylinder heads - Aluminum is a popular choice for manufacturing engine blocks and cylinder heads due to its high strength and low weight. Die casting allows for complex shapes and precise tolerances to be achieved.


2. Transmission and differential cases - Aluminum alloy die casting is also used to produce transmission and differential cases, as it offers excellent durability and heat dissipation.


3. Suspension components - Suspension components such as control arms, steering knuckles, and sway bars can also be produced using aluminum alloy die casting.


4. Brake components - Brake calipers, brackets, and hubs can all be manufactured using this process, as aluminum has excellent thermal conductivity and can withstand high temperatures.


5. Cooling system components - Radiator tanks, water pump housings, and thermostat housings can also be made using aluminum alloy die casting, as it offers superior heat dissipation properties.


We Customize All Kinds of Auto Parts for Massive Production:

1. For design and materials: We design auto parts according to customers requirement with drawings, models or specifications. Materials are commonly aluminum alloy or special materials required by customers.

2. Die casting method: Select the right die casting method based on the complexity of the part, anticipated production volume, and customers budget. The commonly used die casting methods are cold chamber die casting and hot chamber die casting.

3. Select the right equipment: We choose appropriate equipment for the die casting process. Ensure the machines are in excellent condition, have the required tonnage for the part you are casting, and are energy-efficient.

4. Fine-tune the process: Optimize the process to reduce cycle time, increase productivity, and minimize defects. This should include fine-tuning the equipment, adjusting the process parameters, and performing regular maintenance on the equipment.

5. Test the parts: Before mass production, carry out a pilot run to ensure the process is optimized for producing the desired parts. Check the quality of the parts and tweak the process accordingly.

6. Begin mass production: Once the pilot run has been successful, start mass production. Use continuous quality checks to ensure that the parts produced during mass production meet the required standards.


Our Advantages:

1. Rich experience and knowledge in metalworking and die casting with our professional producing equipment such as lath, drilling machine, cutting machine, welding machine, etc.
2. Totally custom design and manufacturing, we help to design according to your specific models (such as ERG Valves) or CAD drawings.
3. Strong product supply capacity for batch production, all quantities without MOQ are available here, best choice for OEM and mass production.
4. Reliable product quality, with ISO9001, ISO14001, CQC, IATF, UL approvals.
5. Fast delivery, sample available, Ronghua provides one-stop services to meet different needs.
6. Favorable price, working with factories directly, Ronghua just provides factory prices.
7. Fast response, solving problems quickly without delay, we know your concern and we can handle it flexibly.
8. Professional global trade team for your services from pre-sales to after-sales.
9. Grateful heart, all Ronghua people are working with a grateful heart, and making customers feel our gratitude.


Production Capacity:

1. Ronghua has a complete production and processing system: raw materials, aluminum alloy die casting blank - machining with various CNC machine tools - heat treatment - surface spraying, electroplating and anodizing , seamless connection of each process, reduce the transportation.

2. 20 years experience in die casting industry, with in-depth practical production cases for complex parts, involving automobile and motorcycle parts, electronic products, aerospace and other fields.

3. Advanced CNC 3-axis and 4-axis high-speed machining equipment as well as various CNC lathes,universal drilling, tapping and milling machines, which are suitable for precision machining of various parts.

4. We have surface painting, powder spraying, electroplating, teflon spraying, anodic oxidation and other surface treatment processes.

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