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Electronics Support


Die casting support brackets are commonly used in electronic products such as laptop, computer, TV, cellphone, cameras, etc. to provide support and stability to components and parts. These brackets are manufactured using die casting technology, which involves forcing molten metal into a mold cavity under high pressure. This process results in a high-quality, precision-made part with excellent dimensional accuracy, surface finish and strength.


What Materials?

The main material used for die casting support brackets is aluminum or zinc alloys. The choice of material mainly depends on the specific application requirements such as weight, strength, and durability. For example, aluminum alloys are lightweight and corrosion-resistant, making them suitable for use in electronic devices that require high strength and durability.


About Design:

The design of the support bracket is critical to ensure that it provides proper support and protection to fragile electronic components. The bracket should have a well-engineered design that is optimized for maximum strength and stability while minimizing weight and space requirements. Furthermore, the bracket should be able to withstand the high temperatures and harsh environmental conditions that electronics often operate in.


Spray and Coating:

To protect the die casting support bracket for electronic products from corrosion and wear, it is common to apply a spray or coating to it. We provide several types of sprays and coatings that can be used according to customers requirements.

1. Powder Coating: Powder coating is an electrostatic process in which a dry powder is applied to the surface of the bracket. The powder then melts and fuses to form a durable and resistant coating. Powder coating provides excellent corrosion resistance and is available in a wide range of colors and finishes.

2. Zinc Plating: Zinc plating is a process in which a layer of zinc is applied to the surface of the bracket. Zinc provides excellent corrosion resistance and is used for parts that will be exposed to harsh environments.

3. Anodizing: Anodizing is an electrolytic process in which a layer of oxide is formed on the surface of the aluminum bracket. This process provides excellent corrosion resistance and allows for various colors to be applied.

4. E-coating: E-coating is an electrodeposition process that provides a uniform and corrosion-resistant coating. This process is commonly used in the automotive industry and allows for high durability and even coating thickness.


Our Advantages:

1. Rich experience and knowledge in metalworking and die casting with our professional producing equipment such as lath, drilling machine, cutting machine, welding machine, etc.
2. Totally custom design and manufacturing, we help to design according to your specific models (such as N8 Series Laptops) or CAD drawings.
3. Strong product supply capacity for batch production, all quantities without MOQ are available here, best choice for OEM and mass production.
4. Reliable product quality, with ISO9001, ISO14001, CQC, IATF, UL approvals.
5. Fast delivery, sample available, Ronghua provides one-stop services to meet different needs.
6. Favorable price, working with factories directly, Ronghua just provides factory prices.
7. Fast response, solving problems quickly without delay, we know your concern and we can handle it flexibly.
8. Professional global trade team for your services from pre-sales to after-sales.
9. Grateful heart, all Ronghua people are working with a grateful heart, and making customers feel our gratitude.


Production Capacity:

1. Ronghua has a complete production and processing system: raw materials, aluminum alloy die casting blank - machining with various CNC machine tools - heat treatment - surface spraying, electroplating and anodizing , seamless connection of each process, reduce the transportation.

2. 20 years experience in die casting industry, with in-depth practical production cases for complex parts, involving automobile and motorcycle parts, electronic products, aerospace and other fields.

3. Advanced CNC 3-axis and 4-axis high-speed machining equipment as well as various CNC lathes,universal drilling, tapping and milling machines, which are suitable for precision machining of various parts.

4. We have surface painting, powder spraying, electroplating, teflon spraying, anodic oxidation and other surface treatment processes.

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