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Wire Harness


A wire harness, or a cable harness, is a combination of wires or cables that are bound together into a single unit with connectors or terminals at the ends. Wire harnesses are commonly used in electronic devices and systems, including printed circuit boards (PCBs).

In the context of PCBs, wire harnesses are used to connect various components and modules to the board. The harnesses are typically composed of multiple wires with connectors that are soldered to the board or plugged into sockets on the board.



  • Simplified assembly: Using a wire harness simplifies the assembly process for PCBs, since the wires are pre-manufactured and can be easily installed onto the board without the need for extensive soldering or other complex connections.

  • Increased reliability: Wire harnesses are designed to be highly reliable and durable, with strong connections that resist breakage or other failures. This can help ensure that the PCB functions reliably over the long term, even in harsh or demanding environments.

  • Reduced costs: Because wire harnesses are pre-manufactured, they can be produced more efficiently and at lower cost than other types of wiring solutions. This can help reduce overall costs for PCB manufacturing and make the process more cost-effective.

  • Improved flexibility: Wire harnesses offer greater flexibility and adaptability than other types of wiring solutions, since they can be easily modified or reconfigured as needed to meet changing design requirements or other specifications.

  • Enhanced safety: Wire harnesses are designed to meet strict safety standards and regulations, ensuring that the PCB and its associated wiring are safe and reliable for use in a wide range of applications.



Our wire harnesses can be customized to meet specific design requirements and can be designed to accommodate different types of connectors, cable lengths, and wire gauges. They provide a reliable and efficient way to connect different components and modules to the PCB, while reducing the amount of wiring required and minimizing the risk of wiring errors.



Wire harnesses are a versatile and widely-used solution for connecting PCBs in a range of applications across different industries, from automotive to aerospace, industrial, medical, consumer electronics, and telecommunications.


Procurement Process:

  1. Design and specifications: The first step for us is to design and specify the requirements for the wire harness of our customers, including the type of wire, connectors, length, and other features.

  2. Quotation: Once the design and specifications have been established, we will make an offer to customers.

  3. Sample approval: Before the full production run, a sample of the custom wire harness is typically produced and sent to the customer for approval. The customer evaluates the sample for quality, fit, and other factors and may request changes before the full production run.

  4. Production: Once the sample is approved, we will produce the full order according to the agreed-upon specifications, typically using automated machinery to ensure consistency and quality.

  5. Inspection and testing: Once the production run is complete, the wire harnesses are inspected and tested for quality and performance to ensure that they meet the customer's specifications.

  6. Shipping and delivery: Finally, the custom wire harnesses are packaged and shipped to the customer's location according to the agreed-upon delivery schedule.


Advantages of Ronghua:

  • Strong product supply capacity, all quantities are available here.

  • Reliable product quality, with ISO9001, ISO14001, CQC, IATF, UL approvals.

  • Customized products, workable for all brands such as TOSHIB, UTC, HOSONIC, TEAPO, BM, MURATA, TPSEMI, CHILISIN, LITEON, SEOUL SEMICONDUCTOR, MARCHING POWER, etc. 

  • Fast delivery, sample available, Ronghua provides one-stop services to meet different needs.

  • Favorable price, working with factories directly, Ronghua just provides factory prices.

  • Flexible response, solving problems quickly without delay, we know your concern and we can handle it flexibly.

  • Rich experience, complete management, and quality control system. 

  • Professional global trade team for your services from pre-sales to after-sales.

  • Grateful heart, all Ronghua people are working with a grateful heart, and making customers feel our gratitude.

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