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PCB Sampling

Why Need Sampling:

PCB Sampling refers to the process of making a small number of circuit board samples in order to verify and test the circuit board design before mass production. This process is crucial for ensuring that the circuit board design meets the expected functional and performance standards. Sampling can help identify design issues for modification before mass production, saving costs and time, and improving the quality of the final product. We provide PCB sampling service to all customers before mass production and orders.


PCB Sampling Services:

  • Sampling delivery within 24 hours.

  • Free sampling for 1 - 2 layers PCBs.

  • Sampling for all industries: automobile, electronics, industrial machines, game machines, etc.

  • High frequency board Roger, impedance control for thick and bare copper plates, HDI blind burial, multi-layer special layered structure countersunk holes/slots, OSP process.

  • FPC/Rigid-fpc: Can be used for 1-8 layers of FPC flexible board/soft hard bonding board; Minimum line width and line spacing of 2mil; Minimum aperture: 0.1mm; The product has a pass through rate of over 98%; Our product line is extensive, and we can produce dozens of products such as multi-layer boards, soft hard combinations, and ribbon cables.

  • We use Shengyi/Jiantao A-grade boards, certified by ISO/IATF16949/UL, with complete processes and customizable for special needs. 

  • Send PCB samples and steel mesh as soon as you place an SMT patch order.

  • 10% off all costs for bulk PCBs over 10 square meters, with larger quantities offering better discounts.


PCB Sampling Process:

  • PCB design: This is the starting point of the sampling process, which requires the use of professional circuit design software to complete the circuit diagram and layout design.

  • Submit design documents: Submit the designed PCB files (such as Gerber files) to us. These files shall contain all the necessary information for manufacturing circuit boards, including the layout of each layer, drilling, screen printing, and solder pads.

  • Manufacturing prototype: We will manufacture circuit boards based on the submitted design documents. This process includes multiple steps, such as material cutting, acid washing, electroplating, copper coating, drilling, imaging, etching, pad gold plating, screen printing, surface treatment, etc.

  • Testing and Verification: After receiving the prototype, the designer needs to test it to verify whether the functionality and performance of the circuit board meet the design requirements. Testing can include electrical testing, functional testing, and environmental testing.

  • Modification and optimization: Based on the results of sample testing, it may be necessary to make some modifications and optimizations to the circuit board design to improve performance or solve the discovered problems. Then, it may be necessary to make another sample to verify these modifications.


PCB Delivery Date:


Manufacturing Process:

Copper clad plate cutting → Drilling → Copper plating → Outer layer graphic production → Resistance welding → Text → Surface treatment → Appearance processing → Electrical inspection → Appearance inspection → Packaging → Shipping.

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