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Ronghua has a 16,000m2 SMT factory for PCBA, 36 Siemens SMT production lines equipped with high-end quality inspection equipment such as SPI, AOI, and X-ray. It strictly follows standardized production, scientifically configures batch and sample production lines, optimizes production efficiency, and can produce over 98 million points per day, meeting the customized PCBA needs of different types.


SMT Data and Capacity:

  • PCB Size: L50mm*w50mm~L510mm*w460mm

  • PCB Thickness: 0.3mm~4.5mm

  • PCB Material: PCB and FPC

  • Electronics Size: 01005~ 45mm*98mm

  • Component Spacing: IC minimum spacing of 0.25mm, BGA minimum spacing of 0.25mm

  • Electronics Height: Up to 19mm

  • SMT Accuracy: Chip class ± 41 μ m. IC class ± 37.5 μ M

  • SMT Capacity: 98 million points per day

  • Basic SMT Processing: screen printing (or dispensing), mounting (curing), reflow soldering, cleaning, testing, and repair.



The advantages of SMT surface mount processing include high assembly density, small size and light weight of electronic products, the volume and weight of surface mount components are only about 1/10 of traditional plug-in components, high reliability, strong vibration resistance, and low solder joint defect rate. After using SMT, the volume of electronic products can be reduced by 40% to 60%, and the weight can be reduced by 60% to 80%. PCB SMT has good high-frequency characteristics, reduces electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, is easy to achieve automation, improves production efficiency, and can reduce costs by up to 30% to 50%. Save materials, energy, equipment, manpower, time, etc.


Why Ronghua?

  • Free Sampling/proofing: single layer PCB, double layer PCB, 4 layer PCB, aluminum PCB for free sampling, very cheap for small batch, mounting processing, solder joint, component fee, no startup fee, no steel mesh fee.

  • Fast Delivery: Once all materials are ready, the order is scheduled and launched, 2 hours of full order BOM, and the shipment can be completed within 24 hours.

  • One-stop Service: Component supply, OEM purchase of BOM materials, self owned PCB factory, Very Convenient.

  • Service: Steel mesh business, DIP plugin, customer reception and material supply, one-on-one exclusive service.

  • First-class production equipment escorts excellent quality. GKG fully automatic printing machine, Sitaike 2D/3D SPI, new Siemens E-series SMT machine, 10-12 temperature zone air reflow soldering and nitrogen reflow soldering, rectangular AOI detector, 2D/3D X-ray fully automatic first piece detector, selective wave soldering, BGA repair table.

  • We have passed certification systems such as IATF16949, ISO13485, ISO9001, ISO14001, etc. The entire process adopts MES management system, and through automated, intelligent, and systematic production management mechanisms, we ensure first-class product quality and satisfy customers!

  • Technician team serving over 10000 customers. A professional team consisting of nearly 200 engineers, technicians, and quality control personnel with over 10 years of experience, 40% of the team members have served well-known companies in the industry such as Huawei, Bell, Shennan Circuit, TCL, BYD, and Jeep. In terms of team model, in addition to professional technical teams, there is also a management innovation team with an average of 12 years of experience, specializing in innovative technology research such as process optimization and process improvement.


PCB Delivery Date:

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