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Industrial Robot Wiring Harness


Robot wiring harness is the collection of wires and cables that connect various components of a robot. They enable robots to operate normally by transmitting electricity, signals, and data. Robot wiring harnesses typically consist of wires, insulation materials, protective layers, and connectors.



  • The wires are made of copper or aluminum with good conductivity, larger cross-sectional area.

  • The insulation material can be polyethylene (PVC), polyethylene (PE), and polypropylene (PP), which has good performance to prevent current leakage and short circuits.

  • The protective layer materials can be polyethylene glycol (PVC), polyurethane (PU), and silicone. It can protect wires from external environmental damage, such as mechanical friction, chemical corrosion, and high temperatures. We provide different protective layer materials for different working environments, for example, in high-temperature environments, silicone protective layers have good heat resistance.

  • The connectors are made of metal or plastic and have good conductivity and durability. We provide different types of connectors include circular connectors, rectangular connectors, and plug connectors for different robot applications, such as circular connectors for connecting robot joints and rectangular connectors for connecting robot control boxes.


Customer Notice:

The design and manufacturing of robot wiring harnesses need to consider multiple factors. Firstly, the length and shape of the wiring harness need to be determined based on the structure and workspace of the robot. Secondly, the number and cross-sectional area of wires in the wiring harness need to be determined based on the power requirements and signal transmission requirements of the robot. In addition, the insulation materials and protective layer materials of the wiring harness need to be selected according to the working environment of the robot to ensure the safety and reliability of the wiring harness.

So please tell us your data and requirement before customization.


Notice in Use:

During the use of robot wiring harnesses, it is important to pay attention to some common issues. Firstly, the wiring harness should avoid excessive bending and stretching to prevent wire breakage and loose connectors. Secondly, the wiring harness should be kept away from sharp objects and chemicals to prevent damage to the protective layer. In addition, the wiring harness should be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure its normal operation.


Advantages of Ronghua:

  • Customized - customize the length, specifications, color, etc. of the wiring harness according to your drawings or sample requirements, with technical R&D one-on-one service.

  • Free samples.

  • Certification: UL, IPC620, REACH, ROHS2.0, ISO9001, ISO14000, ISO13485, IATF16949.

  • We have our own specialized laboratory for performance verification and quality monitoring of the selected raw materials in the early stage, ensuring that every material launched is qualified;

  • After analyzing the main fault modes and failure modes of terminals and connectors, different models of connectors are selected to adapt to different usage environments and equipment;

  • By reasonably improving and merging circuits and components according to product usage scenarios, and modularizing them differently, to reduce loops and improve the reliability of electrical systems;

  • Design the optimal processing technology according to the product structure, usage scenarios, and characteristic requirements, and ensure the key dimensions and related requirements of the product through molds and fixtures;

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