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6-Key Matrix Waterproof Metal Keypad


  • Number of buttons: 6

  • Button size: 14.0mm x 14.0mm

  • Button stroke: 0.45mm

  • Key acrylic: 3.0N+/-0.1N

  • Text processing: etching, oiling, or laser typing

  • Surface treatment: Fine drawing

  • Switch type: gold-plated pot switch

  • Switch lifespan: >2 million times

  • Material: front panel: 304 brushed stainless steel; Back panel: oxidized brushed aluminum plate

  • Voltage: 5v DC+/-5%

  • Interface: matrix interface, USB or PS2 optional

  • Electromagnetic compatibility standards: EN 55032:2015, EN 55035:2017

  • Temperature range: Working temperature: -20 to +55℃, Storage temperature: -30 to +60℃

  • Relative humidity: 100%

  • Atmospheric pressure: 60-106Kpa

  • Mean time to failure: >20000 hours

  • Average repair time: <30 minutes

  • Compatibility: Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/2003/XP/Vista/Win7, Linux, Mac OSX

  • Guarantee: 1 year

  • Certification: CE/FCC/RoHS/IP65/IK08

  • Size: 150.0 x 26.0 mm (front panel)

  • Weight: 0.4kg



  • High quality 304 stainless steel material, brushed panel

  • 6 buttons, flat key, short travel 0.45mm, waterproof and dustproof

  • Equipped with industrial grade gold-plated pot PCB

  • IP65 waterproof, dustproof, explosion-proof, salt spray proof, etc., suitable for various harsh environments, can be used indoors and outdoors

  • Laser engraving or etching of key characters with optional oil filling, not easy to wear and fall off

  • Customizable interfaces for various languages

  • Embedded installation with mounting holes

  • Matrix interface, USB or PS2 optional


This 6-key steel keypad can be used for various unmanned indoor and outdoor self-service terminals, such as password cabinets, gas dispensers, access control systems, ATM machines, public telephones, parking access devices, etc.

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