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Process of SMT PCB for Sampling

Updated: Mar 10

Process of SMT:

1. Process: Our SMT uses a lead-free and self-cleaning process.

2. Composition of solder paste used: 305 lead-free solder paste (Sn96.5Ag3.0Cu0.5)


3. All SMT process flows:

Orders - Production of PCB - SMT manufacturability design inspection - Warehouse preparation of required components - production of laser steel mesh - Brush solder paste - SPI solder paste inspection - Machine pasting - Reflow soldering - AOI inspection - SMT QC - Splitting - Plugin - Wave soldering - Plugin QC - Packaging - Shipping


4. Number of mounting surfaces: Currently, SMT has 2 types of production and processing:

(1) Economical: Only one side of the component can be soldered;

Advantage: Breaking the traditional mode (8 SMT machines form one SMT line), without any startup or steel mesh fees. The SMT unit price is cheap and efficient, with a focus on sample orders.


(2) Standard type: The standard type can be double-sided welded (SMT+plug-in), and the production mode is for individual customer boards to be produced on the entire production line.

Advantages: Flexible order acceptance, no quantity or process limitations. Both sample and batch orders can be accepted, and there will be no intentional delay in production delivery due to low quantity.

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