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Steel Keypad for Automation industry

Industrial automation and intelligence are a comprehensive high-tech of microelectronics and power electronics technology, therefore there are corresponding requirements for process control, equipment control, and high-tech control related to them. With a deep understanding of the industry, Ronghua has developed and produced keyboards with industrial grade chip designs and excellent custom functions such as anti-interference electronic components. Therefore, they can work stably in extreme environments such as high temperature, humidity, pollution, noise, dust, water, oil, and corrosive liquids.


Our keypads are specially designed for customers' needs in terms of functionality, craftsmanship, and difficulty. They have extremely sturdy, durable, and sealed shells that can effectively withstand various harsh environments and extreme climates, and can meet highly customized needs.

In terms of waterproofing, our keypads must meet the protection performance of IP65 level at the beginning of design, and can also provide higher protection levels, such as IP68 level.

Customization is our expertise. We provide you with a complete one-stop service of design, manufacturing, testing, and more. The perfect product that can be immediately put into use is delivered to you. You just need to tell us the specification level, size, etc. you need.


Our professional engineers can also provide you with comprehensive customized services such as backlight, weight, specific functions, peripheral equipment design, etc. while meeting your protection level.


1. Automation: CNC machine tool security inspection machine equipment and other processing equipment;

2. Self-service industry: Self-service device access control intelligent device unmanned device


3. Security and fire protection equipment.


1. Protection level in different environments IP65~IP68;

2. Working temperature: -40 ℃~+70 ℃

3. Fixed method: Movable, special installation method, specific installation size

4. Customizable: Interface and program, etc

5. High protection: Oil proof, shockproof, anti-corrosion


6. Compatible system

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