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Tips for Daily Maintenance of Industrial Keyboards

The application of industrial keyboards is becoming increasingly common nowadays, just like the use of electronic components. As users, how should they keep maintenance of industrial keyboards in daily life? As an Industrial keyboard manufacturers, Ronghua are discussing with you how to prolong the service life of industrial keyboards in daily applications.


1. Avoiding Harsh Natural Environment

Even though industrial keyboards are designed to withstand harsh environment. For example: the water-proof function is a standard function for industrial keyboards, so even if water is soaked in the surface of industrial keyboards in a short period of time, it is not easy to cause harm to industrial keyboards. However, if industrial keyboards are kept in a damp and cold state for a long time or the surface often touches water, it will leave water marks on the surface of industrial keyboards, which is harmful to aesthetics and elegance. In addition, it will also cause harm to the internal power circuit of industrial keyboards, or destroy the industrial keyboard! So please avoiding the harsh natural environment.


2. No Hot Plugging

The USB and PS/2 sockets are commonly used for industrial keyboards, and only the USB ports are suitable for hot plugging. While the PS/2 sockets don’t need to be immediately unplugged throughout the entire application process, otherwise it is likely to damage the embedded circuit board of the industrial keyboard.


3. No Violence

We know that the function keys of industrial keyboards is to be able to withstand hundreds of thousands of presses. The keys is not with mechanical axis, but just a pop-up spring. Thus a strong external force cannot be applied when typing the keys, otherwise the pop-up spring inside the keyboard will deform and lose its ductility over time. Generally, industrial keyboards will provide warnings of no violence pressing the keys.

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