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What Is Terminal Wiring Harness

The terminal wiring harness is actually a kind of conducting wire with connector terminal blocks, and various electronic engineers use it to use power to turn on and information transmission. With the development of electronic products, there are more and more types of terminal wiring beams, and its scope of use is becoming more and more extensive. Five composition structures of the terminal beam:


1. The basic structure of the conductor, the conductor performs current or electromagnetic transmission function. Generally, the general conductive material is metal with strong conductive properties such as copper, tin -plated copper, and copper steel steel.

2. The insulation layer, the periphery of the insulating wire and cable conductor, mainly plays components for electrical insulation to ensure the normal transmission function of the wires, while ensuring external things and personal safety.

3. The shielding layer. The shielding layer is to isolate the electromagnetic field of the wire and cable or the external electromagnetic field or isolate the protective layer between the different wires inside the wire and cable product.

4. The protective cover, when the protective cover is installed and carried out in different environments, it must have parts that protect the product as a whole, especially for the protective effect of the insulating layer.

5. During the processing of the ending of the stuff, due to the gap in the conductor, in order to ensure that the cable is rounded, paddles such as cotton wires and Mara are added.


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